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TOP LOT organic coffee! Fruity and chocolatey. Good for Filter coffee or a Pacific Northwest Style Espresso.

PERU Churupampa Organic. Cranberry, Raspberry, Chocolate.

  • Country: Peru

    Region: La Coipa, San Ignacio

    Farm: Small holder farmers

    Variety: Arabica

    Process: Washed

    Altitude: 1600 - 1800 masl

    Certification: Organic, Farm Gate - Direct Trade


    This is an organic, SHB MCM Grade 1 coffee from Peru's San Igancio region, in the La Coipa district.
    This coffee consists of the Varieties Caturra, Pache, Bourbon and Catimor, cultivated in the Region of Chirinos, San Ignacio. being located in the north of Peru close to the border with Ecuador, the predominant landscape is mountainous with a contrast of dry areas and wild vegetation.

    But the company isn’t all about coffee. Since the 2017 it had also started an ambitious public health project in the area, where clinics are sparse and access to health services is limited and where the kinds of basic check-ups we take for granted can be profound

    From the busy coffee capital of Jaen, it is a two-hour climb up serpentine Andean roads to Rumipite in La Coipa. It is the home of many awesome producers,
    owners of a beautiful lands where they grew coffee. Most of the farmers are neighbors whose farms lie next to one another’s, and in the ancient Andean tradition of the minga, they share the labor needed to bring their beautiful coffees to market. Traditionally, the main crops of the area were sugar cane. however, during the last two decades, farmers of the region decided to replace their traditional crops for coffee plantations seeking better living conditions for their families, as it has a bigger market and better prices.

    Coffee growers of this area own small farms that do not exceed 2 hectares. This small scale production allows producers to have greater control of their plantations and post-harvest processes. The ability to control every step of the process added to the favorable environmental factors of the region (altitude, awesome soils, variety of climates and young coffee trees) have a positive impact on the coffee quality. For all of the above, this Region is considered to have an immense potential to become one of the best areas for speciality coffee production.

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