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1802 Coffee Roasters &

Cafe 1802

1206 Cypress Ave. LA, CA 90065



At 1802 Roasters, Sustainability is part of our core business practice. It is important to us to consider the potential social, environmental, and economic implications of every business decision we make. We want our products to represent the sustainable global movement.


We are a local community based artisan micro-roaster in which we serve the community where we live and work. This guarantees the coffee you get is fresh roasted because it did not have to travel long distances to get to you. Our coffee suppliers source beans directly, so the coffee travels through few hands instead of many, making a more equitable supply chain.

Our Coffee

We only source top quality specialty grade coffee beans. All of our beans are hand selected for their quality and sourced through direct traders. Direct trade suppliers work directly with farms and co-ops to source top quality beans building a favorable exchange between coffee growers and importers.


We choose to work with direct importers who source from responsible farmers, evaluating growing processes and farm operations as part of their selection process. This type of relationship assures farmers are paid above market prices for their crops and have direct control over production processes. Working with co-ops and washing stations also creates an avenue for small farming operations to sell their crops at a decent price. This increases the diversity of farmers along with coffee and plant species in the region.


Organic - We offer specialty grade, direct traded certified organic beans when seasonally available.


Our Supplies


When selecting everyday supplies, each are considered for their potential impact on the environment, the treatment of those in the supply chain, and the health of our customers. We evaluate every product to make a sustainable choice. Beyond basic purchases, we evaluate our processes and take extra care to be as efficient and effective as possible with the resources we use.

The nitty gritty:


* Our beans are packaged in unbleached paper bags with a removable plastic liner. This ensures the packaging can be removed from the waste stream by being recycled and/or composted.

* Our cups, lids, and straws are all compostable. (We know this is not a perfect solution, but feel it is the best option when no recycling is available.) Our napkins, filters, and bags are made from unbleached recycled paper.

* We also chose to buy a rechargeable battery rather than a diesel generator to power our booth at the farmers market, reducing emissions.

* Our spent coffee and chocolate are composted, getting a second life as food for the next generation of plants.

We are constantly challenging ourselves to be mindful of our environmental impact. With more knowledge and resources available at our disposal, a zero waste operation may not be that far off.