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HARIO Scale with Timer

  • Hario's V60 drip scale has become one of our favorite brewing tools. Its weighing platform accommodates most popular brewers and servers, as well as portafilters for measuring espresso doses. A built-in timer is helpful for tracking brew time and its low-resolution ensures maximum accuracy along the way. Pour-over brewing, immersion methods, and espresso preparation will all be improved by adding Hario's scale to your arsenal.



    • Low resolution:
      • 2-200g: 0.1g
      • 200-500g: 0.5g
      • 500-2000g: 1.0g
    • High capacity: 2000g
    • Large platform: ~4.75"W x ~5.5"D
    • Built-in timer
    • Powered by 2 AAA batteries
    • Auto-off after 5 minutes (100 minutes when using timer)
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