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Cherry, raisin, cola, milk chocolate, full-bodied coffee. Good for filter, immersion, and espresso.


  • Country: Colombia

    Region: Cauca

    Farm: Finca Villa Marcela

    Variety: Castillo

    Process: Fully washed and double fermented.

    Altitude: 2500 masl

    Certification: Direct Trade


    Coffee cultivation from small family owned farms is the backbone of production in Colombia. Banexport, a Colombian export company, works directly with many of these producers who have a shared commitment for exquisite coffee processing, and loving care for their farms and the environment. Banexport helps producers gain access to technical support regarding best practices for farm management, processing the harvest, and cupping feedback, which helps producers improve the quality of their coffee. The model of collaborative effort produces traceable lots with vibrant regional profiles. This lot comes from an individual producer named José Betancur Patiño, who has a 15-acre farm called Villa Marcela located in the municipality of Caldono within the department of Cauca. With guidance from Banexport, José follows a strict post-harvest protocol using his own micro-mill, which allows for consistent processing. José focuses on selective picking, then floats the cherries to remove damaged and underdeveloped beans. Next, he takes the added step of macerating the cherry for 24 hours before depulping to remove the skin, and ferments for 18 hours to remove the mucilage before washing the coffee seeds. The wet parchment is dried to 11 percent moisture over a period of 7 days on raised beds.  After processing, Banexport provides crucial logistical support for things like warehousing and milling coffee for export to the international market, which provides better income for José to reinvest in his farm and strengthen his family's livelihood.

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