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Aeropress Filters

    • Extra Filters for the AeroPress® Coffee Maker
    • 350 count takes care of even the most avid coffee drinker's needs
    • This is just a listing for extra filters. To purchase the actual coffee maker, click here: AeroPress® Coffee Maker.
    • Each filter can be used one time, this gives you 350 cups of coffee!
    • 350 filters give ample opportunity for experimentation and enjoyment without the expense of constantly purchasing new ones.


               AeroPress® Brewing Process:

    • Remove plunger and cap from chamber, insert filter into cap and twist cap back onto chamber.
    • Place chamber over sturdy mug.
    • Put two scoops of medium-fine ground coffee into the chamber with the provided AeroPress® scoop (appr. 24 grams)
    • Pour hot water slowly into the chamber to the number "2" (AeroPress recommends 175ºF water but there is much debate and it seems that 195ºF water is a better temperature)
    • Stir for 10 seconds with the provided paddle
    • Wet the rubber seal and insert into the plunger, gently pressing down and maintaining an even pressure for 20-30 seconds until the plunger reaches the coffee.
    • Enjoy sipping on your concentrated, espresso-like coffee or add some hot water to make a well-balanced, smooth cup of coffee
    • To clean, simply rinse and reinsert the plunger. The AeroPress® is also dishwasher safe (top shelf only).
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