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Dry processed coffee with red wine, cherry, earthy flavors. Good for filter, immersion, and espresso.

Indonesia RedBag

  • Country: Yemen

    Region: Sana'a

    Farm: Various Farm Holders

    Variety: Heirloom

    Process: Natural

    Altitude: 2500 masl

    Certification: Direct Trade


    This naturally dry processed Yemeni coffee comes from Sana'a ("Sanai" meaning "from Sana'a") and is one of the five major growing regions in Yemen. Interestingly, Sana'a is also the historic capital city of the country. With such a deep history of coffee growing, due its unique position as the only country on the Arabian peninsula which can grow coffee, this bean has been described having notes such as graham cracker, teak, cherry vanilla, bittersweet cocoa, and alfalfa.

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