Sweet and complex African coffee with Cola, Caramel and brown sugar notes. This is a good Filter, Immersion, and great ligt roast Espresso coffee.

DR CONGO Kivu Isale Organic. Cinnamon, Brown Sugar, Sarsaparilla

  • Country: DR Congo

    Region: Isale, North Kivu

    Farm: Virunga Coffee Project

    Variety: Blue Mountain

    Process: Washed

    Altitude: 1500 - 1800 masl

    Certification: Direct Trade


    This coffee comes from the northern Kivu area of Isale and is made up of coffees from three different Congo coffee processing sites under a privately ran coffee project called Virunga Coffee; Kahondo, Katanda and Mutendero. While this is technically North Kivu, it's a bit more accurate to say that the sites are in closer proximity to Lake Mathews than Kivu proper, adjacent to the city of Butembo (if you're looking at a map).

    Virunga's primary goals have been to help increase production and the overall quality of the coffee through investment in infrastructure like wet mills and raised drying beds, farmer outreach and access to the global market. These three washing stations provide a coffee selling option to several hundred farmers in the region. Farms range from 1500 to 1800 meters above sea level, coffee agriculture benefiting from high altitude and nutrient rich, volcanic soil. Farmers are growing Blue Mountain, a mutation of Typica first discovered in the Jamaica's Blue Mountains. The Virunga Coffee group have also assisted with certifications (UTZ and Organic) that not only lend to sustainable agricultural practice, but also ensure an added price premium for the coffee.