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Our coffees come in 12oz or 340gm bags. To order any of our coffee, please proceed to the bottom of the page and make your selection or visit us at the Historic Downtown Los Angeles Farmers' Market every Sunday from 9am to 2 pm.

Up to date as of May 2017.






Ethiopia Ennaria Limu

Guatemala Finca La Bolsa

Very smooth cup with hints of Chocolate and Caramel. A good daily coffee.

Nicaragua Ocotal Los Pinos

Notes of Raisin, Chocolate, and Nutty hints make for a sweet cup. Our current choice for Cold Brew, sweet and smooth. An excellent coffee for Espresso as well.

Mexico Santo Domingo Chiapas Organic

Notes of Dark Cherry, Bitter Chocolate, and Nutty hints. Organic and Direct Trade Certified. An excellent coffee for Espresso as well.

Mexico SWP (Swiss Water Process)

Chocolate and Nutty notes. Tastes like the caffeinated version, you wouldn't have known it was decaf if we didn't tell you. 

Ethiopia Ennaria Limu

Offers a cup with tea like acidity  with Peach and Mango notes. Lightest coffee we offer.

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